Business needs addressable by TASP

Optimizing logistics operations

TASP will help you to optimize your delivery routes and significantly cut down logistics costs. TASP can find routes for your trucks in any region in the world, learn real delivery times, and dynamically update routing with new information. Of course, in case of unexpected traffic trouble or truck breakdown, re-planning of routes is a singleclick away.

Optimal shift and personnel planning

Allocation of your employees to correct location and day is crucial for smooth operations as well as customer satisfaction. TASP will help you to compute optimal schedules for your employees and take into account even the most specific business rules your operations require. The result is smooth and efficient business with happy customers.


TASP will help you design your manufacturing plan for the next day, week month or many years ahead. TASP can capture numerous manufacturing constraints as well as personnel and skill limitations. TASP helps you to maximize utilization of production lines and in case of malfunctions or change in production needs, lightning fast re-planning capability will help you to get back on track.

Key benefits of TASP

effort, time, cost,
and risk.

Manual planning costs are reduced up to 80% and time is reduced up to 90%.

billions of schedule

Finding the most cost-effective schedule typically outperforms manually planning by 5-30%.

the scheduling

Time of the schedule creation reduced from days to minutes.

and explanation
of the solution.

TASP keeps the decision-makers in charge with the ability of manual override.

Main technical features

Modular architecture

We can customize the platform easily so that it solves exactly your problems including company-specific policies and rules.

Extensible business rules engine

We can capture wide range of business rules, metrics, and constraints of your business

Easy to use REST API

The platform can be accessed by other systems easily through a rich and extensible REST API.

On-premise, cloud or hosted options

e provide you with the most fitting solution. We can deploy TASP to any major cloud provider (AWS, Azure etc.).

Easy connection to your digital ecosystem

The system can be connected with your databases or existing systems for straightforward communication.

How we deploy TASP

We collect all business rules, metrics, and criteria with your domain experts
We develop a mathematical model of the problem and we leave it up to the AI to find an optimal solution.
We connect the platform to your data and we customize graphical user interface to control the system
We integrate the system into your infrastructure and your processes
We provide continuous maintenance and support

Business needs addressable by TASP

A global inspection and auditing company administers a complex scheduling process of allocating teams of inspectors to factory pre-shipment inspections, dispatching inspectors from several hubs across the Greater China Region. The challenge was to develop a scheduling solution able to provide optimal schedules while considering complex business rules, travel conditions and huge demand throughout the peak season.


  • 6 schedulers scheduling
    whole day every day
  • Unable to find satisfiable solutions
    in the peak season
  • Using a set of Excel sheets
    with conflicts


  • Master scheduler scheduling
    for tens of minutes
  • Highly optimized schedule with higher
    capacity viable also in the peak season
  • Using a centralized software connected
    to company data sources

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